LPG cosmetics

Exclusive and luxurious cosmetic line by LPG

  • An innovative cosmetic line since 2012
  • Unique LPG cosmetic line has been specially designed to complement and enhance the impact of the LPG facial care
  • Innovation in cosmetics – LPG exclusive complex of active ingredients
  • LPG is using in the cosmetic composition of the active ingredients in high concentrations
  • All in cosmetic products is characterized by a series of new, lightweight, non-sticky texture that is superior absorption and convenient to use.
  • These products do not contain parabens and phenoxyethanol, they are completely safe and approved by independent dermatologists.
  • New perfume composition is based on the well-known aroma J’adore – Dior. It is light, airy fragrance that is suitable for both women and men.


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